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I am a whole house fan and attic ventilation expert in Temecula CA. I started studying whole house fans in 2008 when my wife, Darlene, and I moved from Manhattan Beach. I would really like to share my knowledge with all of you but I want to be sure I don't antagonize you with more commercialization than you want. Please let me know your opinion and if you can, send me some examples of acceptable blogs and unacceptable ones. 

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Comment by Kurt Shafer on July 29, 2014 at 9:37am

Comment by John Proctor 9 hours agoDelete Comment

Kurt: So my question is how does your device work? PSC motors generally do not reduce their power as fast as they reduce their flow. How do you decide what the optimum airflow is?

John, you are correct in saying power and speed do not track perfectly. My SmartSpeed(tm)  automatic speed control simply eliminates the need for a homeowner to pay attention to speed and power once they turn my whole house fan on. The control reduces the speed automatically to zero at 70 degrees. There is a manual option for evacuating smoke from burned toast in the winter. 

Comment by Kurt Shafer on July 29, 2014 at 9:33am

For Bud Poll, 

I missed your question so here is my answer. 

Now, with that out of the way, powered attic ventilation and whole house fans have some inherent issues.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on CAZ depressurization, and increased house to attic energy loss.

The picture you posted includes the mention of variable speed, what are you monitoring to match the speed to?

Bud, CAZ depressurization is an issue, for which I recommend various solutions. The best example is a water heater that uses home air. I recommend closing off the home air inlet and creating an alternative air source. This is easy if the attic is above the heater and more difficult in other situations. 

I don't know what you are referring to by "increased house to attic energy loss". 

About variable speed, there is no need to match the speed. For over 120 years homes have had large fans to pull hot air out and cooler air in windows. Most of them are 2 speed with a few having more speeds. All I did was put out a product line with infinite speeds, then I created an automatic control to run the speed down to zero at 70 degrees. 

Thanks for asking. 

Comment by John Proctor on July 28, 2014 at 11:42pm

Kurt: So my question is how does your device work? PSC motors generally do not reduce their power as fast as they reduce their flow. How do you decide what the optimum airflow is?

Comment by Tom Conlon on July 25, 2014 at 4:26pm

I just checked the site Guidelines Kurt, and any true "promotions" should be posted in News & Announcements (i.e., separate from these Discussions or Blogs).

But we need to hear all opinions, so adding your perspective on the products you sell when it's appropriate sounds fine to me. If you go overboard, or start to sound like broken vinyl, I'm sure somebody will let you know...

Meanwhile, I just started a new discussion dedicated to Whole House Fans (in hopes that this good general thread you started here doesn't get hijacked into discussing just this one type of product/manufacturer.) I'd encourage you to comment there.

Comment by Kurt Shafer on July 25, 2014 at 10:17am


Good idea. I see that you are a window energy reduction expert. You might consider adding whole house fans to your recommendations. HVAC systems like on my 2800 SF in Temecula CA take 6000 watts to run. That is about 80 cents an hour here. Whole house fans take under 500 watts. Now, they are only of value when the temperature outside is lower than inside. Until I created SmartSpeed, users could buy 2 speeds or 3 or even 7 speed fans. Imagine trying to reduce the speed to save energy manually. Very tough. But with an automatic speed control the fan takes only the amount of energy needed to properly cool the home. Hope that helps. 

Comment by Robert (Bob) Bacon on July 25, 2014 at 9:47am


I would explain what energy/efficiency problem this device solves and explain the science the physics/principles of how it solves it the problem differently (and presumably better or more efficiently) than what is or has been available. I would also suggest that you don't mention the brand name until someone who considers the device you're describing as viable asks where it can be gotten. No need to reveal trade secrets or protected intellectual property - just the science.

Bob Bacon

Comment by Kurt Shafer on July 25, 2014 at 7:23am

Tom, thank you for your odd reference to a leaky duck. It is a bit off topic since I was not asking about shameless self promotion.

Can you help me understand how you would react to my pointing out my Invisco SmartSpeed(tm) automatic whole house fan speed control? And how it relates so perfectly to home energy?

This is the first time in history (to my knowledge) that any company in the whole house fan industry has created the ideal efficiency through automatically reducing speed and power as your home cools down. Imagine trying to do that with a 2 speed whole house fan!

Comment by Tom DelConte on July 25, 2014 at 6:02am

Shameless self promotion here sucks like a leaky duck!

Comment by Robert (Bob) Bacon on July 24, 2014 at 8:42am

Hi Kurt,

Great question - I've been there.

I am a business owner specializing in window improvement products and services as alternatives to window replacement. Regrettably,  I failed to disclose this in my first post to HEP when I was responding to questions from a non-professional about a specific brand of thin-film window insulation panels which I happen to sell and know a great deal about. Having never before participated in such a forum I learned very quickly that such disclosures are essential.

It's my opinion that all of us 'professionals' should be interested in learning from credible sources about new conservation related concepts, products, services and delivery techniques and I feel that ideally this particular forum should be a source of shared professional experience and technical information - and thus should not be cluttered with unsubstantiated claims and marketing rhetoric.

Welcome to HEP,

Bob Bacon

Comment by Diane Chojnowski on July 21, 2014 at 6:43am

Hi Kurt,

Great question! We have community guidelines to help keep the blog and forum promotion-free. The guidelines state that "This community is focused on peer-to-peer interaction among professionals, and is not to be used for promotional purposes."

Your knowledge would be a huge benefit to everyone and it's a great topic for discussion. So please share your experience and just refrain from pitching products or services.

Thanks for your understanding and welcome to Home Energy Pros,

Diane, HEP Moderator

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