It is hard for many to believe that a thick coat of paint can have the insulation benefit that  some radiant control coatings have.  It is even more difficult for them to believe it can function as a conductive heat insulator to retain heat insde a building.

You can show them 100 pictures, lab test results, statements from other customers, etc, and they will still be walking the fence of whether to sign the contract or not.  You have shown them everything in your pitch book but you have not answered the biggest question they have;  "What's it gonna do on MY HOUSE / building?"

I have had to come up with simple,  honest and believeable sales tools / methods that are so simple and believeable the customer cannot 'not' believe the coating works and will save them energy money.  I would let them feel and touch the difference it makes.

Anyone want to add to this discussion here?

I will now show you, in this discussion,  the 2 best sales tools I ever came up with that both utilize the 'Touchy Feely' sales method. (AKA - the 'See me, Feel me' method)

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The absolute best sales tool I ever came up with was simple.  I was driving my old pick up one day, about 25 years ago.  I drove by a house where a construction crew was doing an interior remodel.  There was a large 'Scrap pile' in front.  On top was a 3ft x 4ft x 1ft high piece of galvanized AC duct.  I talked with the foreman and he said I could have it.

I cut a piece of 3/4 plywood and secured that to the exact center of the duct with screws.  Then, I coated one side with our radiant control coating.  After letting it cure a few days, I cut a few pices of fiberglass insulation and filled both halves of the duct.  This would make sure there was no heat transfer from hot convected air.  I also attached some 2x2 rails on the bottom so it would not sit on the ground, ashalt etc.

I would carry that piece of duct in the back of my truck all the time.  If I went with a sales person on a call and I saw an AC unit and duct on the roof, I would pull it out and set it in the sun on their front lawn.  Partway through the salesmans pitch, I would stop them and ask the customer if they would like to feel how effective this paint was.  They always said yes.

We went to the front lawn.  I pointed out their rooftop AC unit and how the duct on their lawn was the exact same kind of metal their AC unit and ducts were on their roof.  I told them this is the exact same paint we would like to put on your house.  Then I had them feel the coated side of the duct, it was always within 3 to 5 degrees of whatever the ambient air teperature was at that moment.

They would touch the coated side, cool to the touch, not cold but cool.  Then they would lay the entire flat of their hand on the bare metyal side, usually 160 to 180 degrees depending on the days temperature and time of day.  I wish I had a buck for every time  I got yelled or cursed at.  :)  We are trying to keep the air cold but we are sending through hot metal tunnels.  Heat travels to cold.  The cold air absorbs that heat and the air gets warmer before it even enters the living space.  Part of your electric bill is going to cool those metals.

I would then ask them "If I coat your AC unit and duct for free and that lowers the temperature of the air by 5-degrees or more, will you let us paint your house?"  They always agreed.

Why did they agree?  BECAUSE THEY TOUCHED AND FELT THE DIFFERENCE A RADIANT BARRIER COATING CAN MAKE.  I had a ton of pictures, statements, lab test results and certifications.  They dont care about any of that, they want to know exactly what the product and service is going to do om THEIR HOUSE. 


Whatever product and service you offer your customers, be inventive.  Come up with some kind of simple and believeable way  to let your customers see and especially feel the difference your product can m,ak.


Here are a few pictures of that simple demo duct I made around 25 years ago.  I have had to replace the insulation several times and the plywwod barrier inside a few times.  I still have it and will never get rid of it. 

After about 10 years I thought I would add thermometers to it.  So I drilled holes right at the top onm both sides.  The stem of the thermometers actually touched the bottom side of the metals.



Whether you work with a Radiant Barrier Coating, or another energy saving product, I cannot stress it enough to make a simple,  believable  and undeniable display for your prospective customers to touch and feel.

I was asked to come up with some typr of display for a trade show in my county.  They asked me this the day before it started.  I had a fairly good collection of materials and I made a portable roof section.  It was 5’ x 5’.  2x4 frame, ½” plywood, 2 layers of 90pd felt and then nailed white asphalt  shingles on top.  I attached 2 pivoting legs so I could prop it up at an angle, like a house.  I attached 2 wheels from an old tool box to the bottom.

Then I coated one side of it with our radiant barrier coating.

I set it up outside a little ways from the front door where everyone could see it.  I placed identical; large thermometers  in each side between the felts.I got there eary the first dayu and took readings every 30 minutes or so.  I then wrote those readings on the large chalkboard inside at our distributor’s booth.  

That homely little display stole the show.  That distributor got over 200 business ccards and requests for meetings from business owners, engineers, maintenance cchiefs and home owners.

That display was so simple, so humble and so believable that it was 100% erffective.                                                   

Keep it simple and believable.  When at all possible, give them SOMETHING to touch and feel.  NOTHING will sell a customer like feeling the difference your product can make.

LEARN AND KNOW YOUR PRODUCT.  The first time the customer asks you a technical question and you don’t know the answer, or you have to look in a book to find the answer, your credibility just went down the toilet and you probably just lost that contract.  Give them something to feel and touch and your products credibility will shine through their fog.


Here is a picture of that homely display in the back of m,y old truck back then.  Still had it in there when  I went to my next meeting and demonstration.

The 2nd bestsales tool I ever came up with.  aI will be happy to send anyone a test strip like you will see  in the attached file


send me an email to  with a name and mailing address.


This is the final thing, the last resort when it comes to an RCC and a customer walking the fence.

I feel very fortunate to work with a coating that I could demondtrate on the prospective customers home.  In the case of the gentleman in the following statement, he was not convinced by the salewsmans 'Pitch'.  The next day the man called the office to talk to the salesman.  That salesman happened to be the general contractor and owner of the company.  The phone was handed to me.  The contract was filled out and left with the gentleman.

I asked if I could come there and show him exactly what our RCC would doi for his house.  He agreed.

In one of the pictures on his statement below, you will see his AC unit at ground level.  That is the West wall.  He felt the bare metal on the unit and he felt the old brown paint on the wall.  I said,  "Whether you go with our coating or some other product, you WILL be having this house painted correct?"  He said yes.  I then asked if I could apply a 4' x 4' "Test patch' on his wall for him to see and feel.  He said yes.  I put that test patch just to the right of his AC unit.  I also coated the AC unit / heat pump.

Once I was done doing that, I asked him to go to a paint store and buy some good qualiy white exterior paint and place an identical test patch to the side of mine.  Give them a few days and go out and feel the difference.  Then, if you want to, give me a call and I'll come out and pick up the signed contract.  Then I went back to my offic, it was around noon  .

At a few minutes before 5PM, he called and said  "Come out and pick up this contract and start check".

This job was done in 2003.  I love using this statement when I can because for the Sacramento area, you dont get any more credible a person to get a statement from.  Mr Anserson is the retired District Attorney of Placer County.  He was still a part time practicing attorney.  He was also, at that time, the Chairman, Board of Directors, Newwcastle Fire Protection District.

Give the customer something to touch and feel the difference and they are sold.






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