Lots of folks involved in the 1000 Home Challenge have effectively tackled their electric plug loads.Low cost devices such as the Kill A Watt meter (~$30)  can provide useful information that help direct their actions. Consider that the average US family uses more than 25 kwh/day, and some of our homeowners use less than 5 kWh/day. Pursuing baseload through a combination of equipment, controls, and behavior can be quite cost-effective. 

Recently John Morgan, who is the 18th person to meet the 1000 Home Challenge  asked me about their accuracy. He was monitoring use of several portable counter top induction cooking units. 

Please chime in - 

Are there significant differences between inexpensive Do-it-Yourself (DIY) plug-in type electric meters?

Are some more accurate for certain types of loads? 

How do they differ from more expensive meters?

Which ones do you recommend, and for what applications?

How can one easily check their accuracy?

What are practical considerations - features that give a meter more value to the user?

Provide links to useful resources


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Trying again:


Thank you for posting the description of your installation process and photos of the final result. A tight fit, indeed!

Most consumers, including those with a higher-than-average level of interest, might have disengaged from the project when the installation went "off road" and became more involved--and more time consuming--than anticipated. I have a fair amount of stick-to-it-iveness myself, but they would have lost me at the part where the project morphed into something which involved removing the breakers from the panel box.

I look forward to learning what you find as a result of monitoring your electric usage with this product.




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