Congrats Ceniceros Household! 26th Project to Officially Meet 1000 Home Challenge

52%, 55%, and 78% reductions - check out the numbers in the attached two slides!

10 years ago, significant efforts to reduce energy use (kWh and kW) began with a comprehensive energy upgrade. This included addressing insulation defects, additional air and duct sealing, replacing the heating system and AC system, and the addition of efficient appliances.

Bruce and Andrea Ceniceros, and their children, Annika and Kira have all been part of the team effort to manage their energy use in their Sacramento, CA home. In early 2014 two steps, the addition of 3.1 kW PV array and replacing the home's natural gas water heater with a heat pump water heater, contributed to surpassing the home's customized 1000 Home Challenge OPTION B threshold several months sooner than expected. 

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You might consider installing Roxul's acoustic batts, which are not for thermal insulation and provide excellent sound attenuation. ( We're planning on doing it for our house when we install the HPWH. It will be in the mechanical room and not next to a bedroom, but we'd still prefer it not to be a problem. 

Congratulations, Bruce! Wonderful job and inspiring for those of us who are still working on our projects. 

Congratulations to Bruce and his family!  How wonderful to have a focused conversation around the dinner table to keep the family motivated towards THC goals.  Even more exciting to think that your kids are talking to other kids and perhaps sparking an interest (or perhaps curiosity) with their families.  Way to go in setting a fine example -- well done!

I'm curious about your natural gas usage.  Is it just the furnace or does it include cooking or clothes dryer?

Thanks, Chie.

Our gas use is mainly in our gas furnace. Although it is a 95% AFUE condensing furnace that is right-sized (35,000 BTU/hr versus the previous 100,000 BTU/hr model), we keep the house a comfortable 70 degrees in the winter. The other gas appliances are a clothes dryer and cook top, but they only use about 2 therms per month total.


Bruce - How many therms do you estimate that your gas water used, and how many kWh do you think that your heat pump water heater uses?

Bruce, congratulations!  The 1000 Home Challenge is not designed to be easy to meet.  You're setting a nice example of how to do it with buy in from your family!  Please do keep us up to date on how your water heater behaves over time. :~)

Yours,  Larry

Larry, Could you provide a comment on the Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) results and info shared at the Dry Climate Forum? Who in CA is testing the CO2 HPWHs? Did anyone have info to share on the HPWH that are one head of a minisplit? Seems like Mitsubishi was working on that in collaboration with a US water heater manufacturer.


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