Friends of mine bought a 550-year-old estate outside of London. The real estate listing included the attached image, which shows how the property compares for energy efficiency and CO2 impact against other properties in England and Wales -- and how those ratings might improve with renovations. (Clearly, this place will never a high-efficiency standout!)


Does anyone know of jurisdictions in the U.S. and/or Canada that also offer -- or require -- this kind of analysis on for-sale properties? If so, please post some examples here. I'm gathering them for a potential forthcoming story on daily5REMODEL.



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It has been a few years, but a few communities have a field for the HERS score on their MLS system & even green certifications listed. Most areas don't as they are afraid it might slow down the sale/ son't see a need. Amazingly the few places I have heard about doing this brag about how much quicker the green homes sold as compared to those with no info. Hopefully Garrick / Garret (?) will stop by as I know he has been involved in a similiar system in Washington.

Mandatory, not yet to my knowledge but it has been discussed a few times by the feds & withered away.

Thanks, Sean. Are you referring to communities in Alabama?


"discussed by the feds and withered away" -- we've heard that one before, havent we?


No, this is places in Texas, Washington, etc... (shoot they are just getting around to having a statewide energy / building code

Hmmm, not sure where we might have heard that before, but it does ring a bell

Just an fyi. Boulder Colorado is/has implemented new code requiring HERS ratings on new construction... Washington State has an energy code higher than most of the rest of the country.

Nevada is the first U.S. state to mandate that all existing single family homes for sale must undergo a comprehensive energy assessment and the energy report that is submitted with the other property disclosures must include recommendations for energy improvements with estimated costs and payback time. There is a waiver option however, so it's not clear how many homes will opt out.


Here's a link to the regulation:

Thanks for sharing this, Elizabeth. Looks as though the reg took effect in January. Do you have any idea where I might find more information on how many homes have had the report, and whether there's aggregate data on all the reports so far?



Being a Nevada Energy professional, the application of the law was watered down to the point 99.9% of the transactions waived the requirement. It was a dud.


There is some good work being done here to parallel the "Home Inspection" process. I think this will be good. 

Neat charts.  Thanks for sharing! 


I like the idea of lower numbers being better instead of higher numbers.  "Very environmentally friendly" is really subjective and will change with time, making the measure less meaningful.  Instead of being relative, having better going down creates a fixed, quantitative scale.  A net zero home is zero.  

Hi, we have a pilot going on in Portland, Oregon but all I can find is for new buildings so far. This is the program they say it will be up and running for real in 2013. The Realestate folks are having a hard time with it. 

Hope this helps a bit,


Thanks, Sara. Are the real estate folks concerned it will suppress sales or sale prices?


Ding, ding, ding - while playing catchup...

See page 20 for greening the MLS which includes 4 sites on this topic at the end

Thanks, Sean -- excellent sleuthing. This a.m. I created a survey on d5R about whether performance ratings should be required on for-sale listings. If you haven't already taken it, you can click to it here. I'll also post a separate link so HEPros folks can complete the survey without having to go to d5R.


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