I first learned in my BPI class of 2008 was that we would not be using or taught to use any energy modeling software.  The story was that they did like the previously used software (TREAT) and would be providing a new program "in the future."  Didn't happen.


Who knows of an reasonably easy to use, reasonably priced, reasonably accurate modeling software?

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I'm located in central Virginia and have looked up energy auditing services to see what they offer. Several websites have listed the attached link as the software they use. Anyone familiar with this?

Doris Ikle pitched this software previously on page one of this thread.

Home Energy Tune-uP is the software that CMC Energy Services created. The goal was to design a software that would maximize home energy savings and minimize the cost to the public. If energy efficiency was the cheapest as well as the cleanest energy, why was it necessary to subsidize it?  The first task was to identify which group of improvements are affordable for the home because they save more on the energy bill each year than they cost when financed. These are the improvements that even the green grinch would choose. Second, which customers should be targeted for a "whole house" assessment? Since most home improvements are made during the first 6 months of occupancy, CMC focused on buyers of homes that are over 5 years old. What is the best sales technique? A single visit by a trusted home inspector that provides a detailed report including all the information needed to sign on the dotted line. This is now possible using a Tablet PC. Instead of a 20-30%implementation rate, Home Tune-uP gets a 60-80% rate, and even without subsidies, investments in efficiency per home are the same. Try www.cmcenergy.com.  Doris Ikle, Chief Innovation Officer, CMC Energy Services          



Would you contact me about this?  rob "at" posthandyman dot com.


Many thanks

Hello Doris,


Can I get a demo account to try this software?

After training what is the annual cost to use the program?



I was very interested in the Recurve software and requested (multiple times) a trail version of their software last year. The total lack of response from Recurve for a trail version of their software required me to select a competitor’s software.  Now five months later I get an email from the Recurve salesman stating he signed me up for a trail version.  Recurve may have great marketing but they fail miserably on closing sales.

Hi All,

I am the Recurve salesman who Jim is referring to above. Jim, thank you again for your persistence in reaching out to us about our software, and I'm sorry that our software was not ready when you needed it. Again, if you would like to try a trial version of the software, it is available for you at this point.

As for everyone else, Recurve software did take a bit longer than we had expected to come to market. My lack of responsiveness was due primarily to the fact that we were being extremely selective about the partners we brought on at first (only larger companies with veteran energy auditors). Being that I am the only salesperson here, I was forced to prioritize my time around locating and signing up those larger home performance contractors.

At this point, however, Recurve software is widely available. Please email me at chrism@recurve.net if you would like a trial version of the software. If you do, I will do my best to try and not fail miserably at closing your sale :). 


Chris McClellan


Just to refresh your memory. On 9/23/10 I filled out the Recurve online form requesting additional information about the Recurve software. I also signed up for the next available webinar on 10/13/10. Your email reply back to me stated “the best way to get priority for the rollout is to fill out the partner application” so I filled out your partner application and included my list of requirements for selecting an energy auditing software tool. On 10/12/10 I offered to help Recurve QA the software since I previously managed a QA software team during my Information Technologies career. On 10/13/10 I attended the webinar and requested to talk to you about the Recurve webinar. After multiple email requests we finally had a phone conversation on 10/20/10 about the software and I again requested access to the software so I could actually see if it fit my requirements. On 10/29/10 I again requested to be signed up to demo the Recurve software and again you told me it would be soon. I finally gave up begging to get a demo version of your vaporware and purchase an existing proven audit software from another company. I received no further communications from you for the next 4 ½ months until 4-4-2011 when I received an email from you stating that you had finally signed me up for a demo account.


The bottom line Chris is if I treated my potential customers the way Recurve handled me then I would be out of business. The reality of this saga is I have already made my expenditure on another energy audit software tool. The only way Recurve can close this sale this late in process is for me to demo your software to see if it meets my requirements and Recurve offers me a credit for the software I have already purchased. The ball is in your court.



Thank you for the clarification. Again, I sincerely apologize for all of the delays.


At this point, I would like to give you some insight into our development process. In late October, we did think that we had a product that was ready to deliver soon - hence my communication with you that we would have something ready for you in the near future. Unfortunately, the creation of a compliant energy model took a few more months than expected. In fact, as I write this, we are still working through a long CEC compliance process. Without a compliant energy model, we felt that our software would not add the value that contractors wanted, and we made a business decision to slow the rollout of the product until we were more confident in that portion of our software. During that time, we worked with a select group of contractors who were completing a high volume of audits so that we could get lots of feedback about the portions of the tool that were ready. My focus shifted to finding high volume audit contractors, and supporting them through their on-boarding process. This shift in priorities led to less proactive communication about the state of our software development.


At this point, we are happy with the accuracy of the energy model based on user tests, our RESNET Besttest approval, and the recent feedback that we have received from the CEC that makes us feel confident that we will be compliant throughout California in the near future. Hence, we are rolling the software out to all contractors that would like it.


As for your particular case, I would be much more comfortable talking about this outside of a public forum. As a first step, you do now have a copy of the software to test out, and I would love you to try it to see if it is a good fit for your business. If it is a good fit, we look forward to finding a way to win back your business.




Chris McClellan


That is very good news.

Could you comment on the use of Recurve software in regards to Energy Upgrade California and (upcoming?) HERS II ? 

Thanks much,

George Matthews



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