Does anyone have any information about the SCORE program?  It was scheduled to start in summer 2011.  Part of V.P. Biden's "Recovery through Retrofit" program.  This was supposed to be one of the BIG achievements.  Ring any bells?

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I typed out a long thank you to you and all others who bring what they can to this forum, I do sincerely appreciate it.  Unfortunately I backed up to check my facts and it erased my three paragraphs.  I should have known better, but it happens.  Anyway, a simple thanks to all.

So where do we go from here?  My first question to is now one week old and no response.  Joan's webinar mentioned "individuals" but avoided the word independent as in Independent Energy Auditor, a distinction that many of us take seriously. 

I encourage DOE to open up the communications so we can start to answer some of the many questions.  If IEA's are not part of their plans, then say so, so we can move on.  If we are to be included, define this partnership that was mentioned in the webinar.




Well, they replied:


There is new recorded Home Energy Score webinar on

Please watch the 20-minute webinar and register for this Thursday’s live Q&A session (1:30 -2:30 EST PM Thursday, September 15).

After watching the webinar, if you still have questions, you may submit them by 5pm EST on Wed. Sept.14 to

To register for Thursday’s live Q&A webinar, please visit


Thank you.


Home Energy Score"


I shouldn't post when I'm irritated, and I know being hard of hearing is MY personal problem, I'm assuming I'm the only energy auditor who has this problem, but they could have just answered my question instead of sending me through the hoops to sign up for an audio Q&A that I will doubtfully be able to understand and certainly not be able to participate in.  Deaf people have no need to set up their pc for webinars so I'm not sure what I will hear when I turn my speakers on and I have no microphone that I know of.
I will try to compose myself and compose some questions for them and if so, post them here in hopes others will note the replies and share with me.
Bud :(


I'm half deaf as well. Conctruction business has done that as protective ear coverage was never heard of way back when. I'm curious why I do not hear back from the DOE as I have sent emails. This entire process of chasing everything is surely not efficient!

Hello Home Energy Score Stakeholders,

There is new recorded Home Energy Score webinar on  Please watch the 20-minute webinar and register for tomorrow’s live Q&A session (1:30 -2:30 EST PM Thursday, September 15).

After watching the webinar, please submit your questions by 5pm EST today to
To register for Thursday’s live Q&A webinar, please visit
Thank you.
Home Energy Score

Well, I connected, but it did little good thanks to the fast talking and lack of closed caption.  Grumble, grumble.  But enough of my self pity, WHAT DID THEY SAY, please.  I couldn't tell if they would follow with a script so I will have to rely on your feedback.

1.  Will independent energy auditors be, A. openly accepted  B. Accepted only when associated with one of their partners, or C. Under consideration.  I left out "left out in the cold" as I don't think they dare say that.

2.  Did I detect that only 4 of the 12 participating pilots participated in the webinar?  Did they say why?

3.  So what was their 2-step (dance)?  Score the homes and try to sell them upgrades.  Or just score the homes and provide them with a list of potential improvements? (ha, ha)

Well, off to save some ducks, DU dinner tonight, I'll check in later.




Bud, from what I understood

1) no, it didn't sound like they wanted independant auditors, only those assosiated with 'partners"

2) yes, only 3 or 4 of the pilot "teams" spoke, and they didn't say why

3) the intent it appears was to inform homeowners of how they rate and possible upgrades


They didn't address any of the questions I had written. Maybe they will by email, but  still have yet to hear from them on other questions...I'm not that hopeful with the sounds of things. I was hoping to hear that they would be tieing their rating score in with realtors and the national DOE "Better Buildings" program. It sounds like this is a water down version of a real CHA to give homeowners a starting point. We'll see how it developes.

Thanks Gary, I needed that.

As for more questions, well, that kind of answers them all.



Does anyone have any recent information on SCORE?  Repeated inquiries have gone unanswered.
I'm also interested in what's happening.  Had several inquiries about this in a local Green Building Committee today.
I should know more around the 7th / 8th when I go for training for a program I am with, beyond that I haven't heard anything either
Sorry guys, but the "Score" program for this particular program is not this version - it is the one used up in WA & OR that was started back in 08/09

For the first time, the US has a national green building code.  The International Green Construction Code (IgCC), approved last week after two years of development, applies to all new and renovated commercial buildings and residential buildings over three stories high.  Although the final code won't be published until March 2012, many local and state governments have begun to officially adopt it.


This has nothing to do with SCORE and it has nothing to do with existing residential construction but I do like to see LEED on a cross with the ICC banging in the nails.


No news on SCORE?





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