Does anyone have any information about the SCORE program?  It was scheduled to start in summer 2011.  Part of V.P. Biden's "Recovery through Retrofit" program.  This was supposed to be one of the BIG achievements.  Ring any bells?

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This just in:


Hello Home Energy Score Stakeholders,
We want to update you on our progress on the Home Energy Score program.
As you may know, we concluded the Home Energy Score pilots this summer. We had 10 great pilot partners who provided us with feedback and recommendations.  We continue to work with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory regarding improvements to the Home Energy Scoring Tool and are incorporating other research findings and analysis into the program.
We have recorded 3 webinars regarding the program at  These include FAQs, background on the program, pilot results, and more.  See the top right quadrant of
We are also actively recruiting partners for our national launch of the program.  Partners will include state and local energy offices, energy-related NGOs, as well as utilities and co-ops.   Qualified assessors under these programs must be BPI or RESNET certified and must take DOE’s on-line training and tests.  We ask that partners commit at a minimum to scoring 200 homes in 12 months and fulfilling quality assurance requirements.
Interested in signing on as partner?  Please contact with subject header: Interested partner by November 30, 2011.
We look forward to updating you on our progress in the coming months.
Thank you.
Joan Glickman
Senior Advisor, US DOE
Home Energy Score

I'd say we were pretty much in the "late fall" time period now and still nothing on this program except that data is still being analyzed and improvements being made.  I have realtors who would love to be able to offer this type of an audit to their clients (since it will be cost effective enough for the realtor to cover the cost on), yet I can't give them any real information on when I can start offering it.  Pretty disappointing - both in the lack of progress and that I actually believed a government's timeline.  Talk about drinking the kool-aid!

I do not speak officially for DOE, but have to say that I find the derogatory tone of many commentators in this thread disappointing, and not in keeping with the spirit of this social network.  The dozens of people developing and testing this tool--including my team here at LBNL--have working harder than you can imagine to bring you this new free service.

The reality is that DOE created the hype and expectations. So far it isn't measuring up to expectations - but that doesn't mean we are giving up on it. To the contrary, I personally am anxiously awaiting getting a look at the final product - although still not sure if or when it will be viable for the individual auditor as recent posts seem to imply preference for larger program partners as a middle man. I understood this forum was for posting of opinions and ideas amongst practitioners? If so, that comes with positive as well as negative tones at times. My comments were towards the program as a whole - not any one individual?

Gary, I was wondering what you are doing in CT. I've been an independent energy analyst here since 1977.  I've just tracked progress on the HES scoring tool (are we calling it SCORE? that's an acronym that's been used a lot over the years - it's kind of confusing).

Everybody: Senn-tech at SRA has had a lot to do with the tool's development. Evan and Joan have been awesome. If you understand HES and HESPro, you can readily grasp the the tool's structure, key assumptions and algorithms - I have found it simple to relate it to my own analytics built on intensities, to any ot the Bestest-consistent software, to any benchmarking systems.  I was lucky to be a part of the testing of the in Nebraska before that program slowed to glacial and got dumped from the pilot.  The Cape Cod guys, our New England neighbors, are very forthcoming with the results of their piece of the pilot, too.  Maybe it's just me, an aging expert and survivor of the embargos, the golden age of efficiency, '78-'85; 15,000 buildings in 12 states, dozens of programs, and 15 years of beating on the poor HES guys about improving their system with more empirical validation: I haven't been frustrated by the pace of the tool's development for 1 second.  Did any of you follow the development energy star? I couldn't use anything out of that shop for a decade, since I've never had anything to do with new construction.

Tom, I'm sorry for never responding to this. I do a lot of things. I've been building in CT for almost 30 years, have been working with numerous HES vendors throughout the state, have been doing WAP audits and have applied to HPwES here in the state. I also work with a company out of NYC training and proctoring for BPI certifications. My email is if you'd like to talk further.

I received this in an e-mail and I'm sure most of you did too.

"The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Home Energy Score program is gaining traction with its national launch slated for late winter/early spring 2012."


It is good to see some progress being made.  Here are some of the partner organizations:

Confirmed Home Energy Score Partners


1.      Babylon (Town of), New York

2.      Long Island Power Authority, New York

3.      Philadelphia region, Energy Coordinating Agency, Pennsylvania

4.      Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Light Compact, Massachusetts


5.      Columbia Water and Light, Missouri

6.      Ohio Partners for Affordable Energy, Ohio

7.      Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance with Center for Neighborhood Technology, Illinois


8.      Charlottesville area, Virginia Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP), Virginia

9.      Little Rock, Home Energy Affordability Loan (Clinton Foundation), Arkansas


10.  Utah Office of Energy Development with PECI, Utah


I'm not sure if any of these organizations participated in the pilot program.  And, I'm not sure if the lack of participation by any of the same organizations says anything about the SCORE program.  What I do see is there is no participation in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida etc. so the program is marginalized from the beginning.


If you know of a utility, non-profit community organization or other interested organization that might be interested in participating with the DOE; have them contact


I hear there are still unspent federal stimulus funds which may be available.  


Why not increase participation by involving ICC, AEE and LEED professionals and others?  How about involving the state energy conservation departments?  Why not create something substantial instead of another RESNET/BPI sandbox?  For heavens sake, you are the DOE.  You are in charge of nuclear weapons.  Grow a pair and move this country forward.

There are several million Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac forclosures out there.  Why not SCORE them?  Lots of qualified home inspectors out there that are sitting at home, watching cartoons.  Put them to work.  Now, that would be a good pilot program.  How about including a SCORE inspection as part of the inspections required when a GNMA/FHMA home is bought or sold? 

I'm sure none of these are original ideas.  I would only ask that the DOE and SCORE try to expand its vision instead of limiting its gaze and in the process, become something worth while instead of the mediocre "program" you are currently setting out.


I agree. The Federal government should stop spending money it doesn’t have. However, in this case the money has already been spent and no one received any benefit. LBL got their money in the stimulus. The bureaucrats got theirs in a paycheck. SCORE is a failed program that could easily be salvaged by private, state and local participation.

If you've been keeping track of the SCORE program, you know it’s been long on promises and very short on delivery. As far as an unfunded mandate? It’s no more unfunded than having a new construction home meet the building code or having an existing home inspected to see if the foundation is ok or the roof leaks. I don't see the waste in tax payer money there.

SCORE is a valuable tool that, hopefully, will be available to all.

I liked Felix the Cat. But I'm old school.



Have any of you worked with the Scoring Tool?  Did you get the training and use it during the trials and pilots?  It's a simple and beautiful thing, and anyone can adopt the system anytime and run "parallel" with it in any system or software package.  It is just annual Total Million Btu for the house, all fuels.  Electricity is site Btus, not source.  You get the 1-10 for your region from the form HES published for training or just go to EIA and get  it yourself.  I am a huge fan and supporter of this SCORE project.  I even like that the new partners are non-profits, lending a bit of objectivity to our world.  Most energy auditors are now salespeople or contractors instead of independent auditors, so there is a need for neutral oversight.  Evan? Joan?  Isn't it OK for us to use a similar rating system for our homes, to get comfortable with the concept?  And what do we call it, I liked HES home energy score...

DOE believes it is best to take the time up front to do the technical work required to get this to a good spot for launching, rather than putting out something before it's ready.  Thanks to those of you who have shown patience.

Let me take the opportunity to say that LBNL appreciates DOE's sole support for this social network through ARRA.  Judging by the vibrant level of activity on Home Energy Pros, we believe that a lot of benefits have flowed to members.

If folks want an acronym, we recommend that you call it "HEScore". The acronym HES has been used for decades as shorthand for the Home Energy Saver (


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